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  1. Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima Espresso Machine
    The Eagle has landed. Learn More
    From: £4,390.00 or £30.49 p/wk
  2. Victoria Arduino Adonis Espresso Machine
    Sculpted by the coffee gods themselves. Learn More
    From: £7,925.00 or £54.99 p/wk
  3. Victoria Arduino VA358 White Eagle Espresso Machine
    The Eagle has landed. Learn More
    From: £8,100.00 or £55.99 p/wk
  4. Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle Espresso Machine
    The espresso machine made for World Barista Champions Learn More
    From: £12,490.00 or £86.49 p/wk

Victoria Arduino

Heritage and expertise in synchronicity

The choice of espresso experts since 1905, Victoria Arduino was founded by Pier Teresio Arduino in the very same year and ever since the company has carved a rich heritage, becoming a leader within the coffee industry as true innovators of all things espresso.

Based in the heartland of the espresso revolution, technology has been at the forefront of everything that Victoria Arduino have achieved and continue to achieve.

Pier's very first machine was called the "Victoria", this is probably due to a woman he met as a young man in Turin in 1905. This very first machine was installed in one of the most prominent locations in the city, the very same coffee shop that he met his wife.

But why did he call his coffee machine the “Victoria”? The reason was very simple: he believed his victory, or rather, an “Italian victory“, was the fruit of the efforts made to obtain it.

Form and function combine

Since inception, Victoria Arduino has focussed on providing professional baristas with powerful espresso making tools that also combine aesthetic beauty and innovative usability features.

Cutting-edge technology can be found in these high-end machines, and where Victoria Arduino leads, others follow.

Crafted, sculpted and manufactured in Italy, the master craftsman and engineers help create the machines that baristas all over the world dream of having access to.

Engineered to become an extension of the barista themselves, every single machine produced by Victoria Arduino provides the exact tools and technologically advanced extras to make the world's finest coffee.

Trusted by the world's best

Renowned and revered for quality and consistency, the company has become synonymous with the best baristas in the world.

Victoria Arduino take this accolade incredibly seriously becoming the official partner of the World Barista Championship finals since 2015.

Dedicated and progressive, the company continues to set itself apart from all other coffee machine manufacturers within the coffee industry.