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Fairtrade Creme Supreme Coffee Beans

Fairtrade Creme Supreme Coffee Beans

This Fairtrade blend is extremely well-rounded nutty coffee which delivers a signature hazelnut espresso, which lends itself to shorter milk based coffees such as cappuccinos and flat whites.

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Our Creme Supreme is a nutty blend that's perfect for shorter milk-based coffee such as flat whites and cappuccinos.

Sourced from Fairtrade certified plantations in Brazil and Tanzania, this dark roasted blend delivers a lovely hazelnut and walnut espresso that sweetens slightly when milk is added.

Fairtrade Brazil Santos Fine Cup Arabica

The Santos Arabica is sourced from the Fairtrade accredited Coocafe Cooperative, a collection of around 160 farmers based in Minas Gerais State in the south-east of Brazil.

With the aid of the Fairtrade Foundation, the coffee farmers have been able to invest in more advanced equipment and adopt modern techniques, which has substantially improved the quality and yields of their harvests over the years.

On its own this Fine Cup grade of Santos Arabica has a distinct malty sweetness and a moreish nutty profile.


  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter: Coocafe
  • Growing Altitude: 1200m+
  • Growing Method: Mixture of shade grown and full sun
  • Processing Method: Natural

Fairtrade Tanzanian Robusta

Grown across the rolling hills of Tanzania by a variety of smallholder coffee farmers, this robusta has a full body and a deep nutty flavour.

Naturally processed and left to dry under the African sun, this robusta is Fairtrade certified and brings a real depth to the Creme Supreme blend.


  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter: Various smallholders
  • Growing Altitude: Up to 1000m
  • Growing Method: Full Sun
  • Processing Method: Natural


Tasting Notes

Rich and deep, the Creme Supreme blend has a malty sweetness, but its overriding characteristic is that of nut as notes of walnut, peanut and hazelnut come to the fore.

Full bodied, this makes an ideal flat white or cappuccino as the addition of milk brings out the beans' sweeter flavours.

Brewing Info

Ideal Brew Temperature: 92-96°C

Brewing Notes: Brew at a higher temperature is you wish to enhance the sweeter notes of the blend.

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