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Astoria Coffee Machines

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  1. Astoria Greta Coffee Machine
    Compact versatility for budding baristas Learn More
    From: £1,975.00 or £13.99 p/wk
  2. Astoria Treviso R Coffee Machine
    Modern technology in a traditional body Learn More
    From: £2,415.00 or £16.99 p/wk
  3. Astoria Sabrina Coffee Machine
    A stylish mix of 60s design and modern technology Learn More
    From: £5,465.00 or £37.99 p/wk
  4. Astoria Core 600 TS Coffee Machine
    A machine that shares the 'core' of Astoria's values Learn More
    From: £5,625.00 or £38.99 p/wk
  5. Astoria Plus 4 You Advantage SB Coffee Machine
    Ergonomics & style in a practical & elegant design.
    Single boiler version Learn More
    From: £6,995.00 or £48.49 p/wk
  6. Astoria Plus 4 You Advantage Coffee Machine
    Ergonomics & style in an elegant design.
    Multiboiler version Learn More
    From: £7,335.00 or £50.99 p/wk


Astoria Espresso machines have been at the forefront of the coffee machine industry since the company's founding in 1969 by Nello Dal Tio.

With over 40 years of knowledge and in-depth experience going into every Astoria coffee machine, it is no surprise to find that the Italian firm is a favourite amongst baristas the world over.

Working out of Susegana, Italy, the company strongly believes in the company motto of 'Think Espresso', a philosophy which drives them on a never-ending quest to create the perfect cup of coffee.

It is this commitment, coupled with a sprinkling of artistic flair, that has seen the group work side-by-side with barista to bring new machines and new ideas to market, and create a model that's suitable for all aspects of the commercial sector.

Such is their standing, Astoria provides machinery and equipment for all the World of Coffee competitions, including the prestigious World Latte Art Championships.

The Astoria Plus 4 You comes fitted with a smart and intuitive electronic system, this top-of-the-line espresso machine is capable of monitoring fluctuations in brewing conditions, interpreting information and providing real-time feedback to the operator.

With an adaptive energy saving mode, there's no surprise that it's known as a 'smart espresso machine'.

Other Astoria espresso machines include the retro-inspired Sabrina and the capable workhorse, the Treviso.

If you think espresso, then your coffee shop or establishment will only benefit from an Astoria quality coffee machine.