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Commercial Coffee Machines

About our Coffee Machines

Everyone needs coffee, right?

Coffee is the world's most popular drink, and continues to grow in popularity every year.

If you manage a busy restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, a visitor attraction or an office, we're here to help find you the perfect coffee machine.

Coffee has been made in many ways for centuries, but the principles remain very simple. First, roast your coffee beans, then grind them up, and then add them to a container or contraption and add hot water.

Despite the simple formula for making coffee, there have been some serious advancements in the way we brew the bean. These have powered the industry, and provided the backbone for the coffee that we all know and love today.

Commercial Coffee Machines

The best commercial coffee machine is much different to that of the home market. If you're planning to open a coffee shop or cafe, you will need higher coffee outputs, quality drinks and consistency in your drinks.

From the birth of the infusion process in France, to the creation of contraptions and gadgets, innovation continues. Ingenuity and passion for quality has seen units designed and built, with companies innovating, improving and streamlining the coffee-making process.

All because we know just how brilliant a great cup of coffee is.

Today there is an incredibly varied assortment of machines to choose from. Each one is best used to perform different tasks and to excel in differing locations.

From traditional espresso coffee machines right through to bulk brewers, and everything else you can think of in between. We supply a and specialist brewing equipment for a wide variety of professional environments.

If you can't find the exact model you want or are looking for, then please be sure to give us a call and we'll do our utmost to source the perfect machine for you.


The true choice for those who want to make coffee their core product.

For over 100 years this type of machine has crafted espressos whilst being the centre of attention. Due its hands-on nature, the process of making a cup of coffee has become an interactive and artistic experience with the barista at the fore.

The most common commercial coffee machine you will see in coffee shops and cafes around the world. There is a reason why the traditional espresso machine is trusted by the coffee industry.

Bean to cup and Self service automatic machines

Perfect for unstaffed self-service locations.

These easy to operate machines can use either fresh or instant ingredients to create speciality beverages.

Fully automatic machines, these do all the legwork and are immensely practical for customer-serve areas and environments that cannot spare a dedicated member of staff to produce coffee-based drinks.


From single serve brewers through to more modest bean to cup, we have an excellent selection of practical coffee-making solutions for the workplace.

Able to serve up a range of drinks at the touch of a button, your staff will be staying on-site for their caffeine fix.

Filter & Bulk Brew

If you require a large amount of coffee to be continuously served, then these ingenious, economical and efficient machines are certainly for you.

Bulk brewing units offer options to make large amounts of coffee quickly and easily to meet your volume requirements.

Reconditioned machines

We can also offer a number of reconditioned machines that have been carefully checked by our highly specialised team of engineers to make sure they are in full working order and meet our exceptionally high standards.

These used machines are ideal if you want a quality piece of kit, but are not concerned with the more advanced features found on the newer models available in our online catalogue.

Grinders, Stands and Accessories

The Coffee grinder goes hand-in-hand with espresso making and are an integral part of exceptional coffee.

The simple addition of stands and other accessories such as water kits and filters can transform and improve your output.

You can be sure that our range of commercial coffee grinders are perfect for your high-usage needs, with a range of models to suit all budgets and requirements.

We highly recommend that you invest in a quality coffee grinder, as the importance of coffee bean grind quality cannot be stressed enough. Cheap, low-quality machines are likely to ruin your coffee beans, providing an inferior tasting coffee.

Cheap, low-quality grinders can ruin your coffee beans, providing an inferior tasting coffee, and an unhappy set of customers.

Stocking only exceptional commercial coffee grinders ensures that not matter your choice, you can be sure that any unit purchased from ourselves is designed to help you create the best coffee possible.

Don't just make acceptable hot drinks. Make the best Americanos, Lattes and Cappuccinos imaginable by investing in a true professional-grade commercial coffee grinder.


If your purchase ever needs a bit of tender loving care (as things occasionally require from time to time) we can leap into action and get your unit purring and making quality coffee once more.

With free barista training, a comprehensive support structure and money saving packages available alongside your purchase, Caffe Society is the number one choice when it comes to purchasing any machine.

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