Triple Certified Grand Cru Coffee Beans

Nutty, a little bit spicy and ethically sourced.

This Great Taste Award winning coffee is Fairtrade and certified by the both the Rainforest Alliance and Soil Association.

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Roasted to perfection, our Grand Cru is also certified by Fairtrade, the Rainforest Alliance and the Soil Association, making it our most ethical coffee yet.

Our Triple Certified Grand Cru blend expertly combines the smokiness of a rich Indonesian Java with the sweeter, floral flavours of a high-grown Colombian and the milder characteristics of a Honduran arabica.

The result is that’s slightly on the nutty and spicy side and perfect for espressos.

So perfect in fact, that the Great Taste Awards judging panel has awarded our Grand Cru with two gold stars.

Fairtrade Organic Colombian COSURCA Arabica

Empresa Cooperativa del Sur del Cauca (COSURCA) is a prominent agricultural cooperative that is based in the Cauca region of Colombia. Founded in 1993, COSURCA has over a thousand members and has been working with Fairtrade and other ethical enterprises since the early-2000s.

The arabica that we use for our Grand Cru is strictly high grown and has a lovely fruity profile that brings piquancy to the blend’s overall profile.


  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter: COSURCA Estate
  • Growing Altitude: 1400-1900m
  • Growing Method: Shade grown
  • Processing Method – Wet processing, sun drying

Fairtrade & Rainforest Alliance Certified Honduras La Central Estate Arabica

A mild, slightly tart coffee that has a delicious floral aroma, this juicy arabica comes from the La Central Cooperative, a large-scale independent organisation that encompasses some 10,000 farmers.

Founded in 1998 La Central (or, in full, Central de Cooperativas Cafetaleras de Honduras) provides support to small and medium coffee groups by giving them direct access to marketing materials, services and trade groups.


  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter: La Central Estate
  • Growing Altitude: 900-1600m
  • Growing Method: Shade grown
  • Processing Method: Wet processing, sun drying

Fairtrade Java PPKGO Arabica

This organically grown arabica is deep and dark. Fames for its rich, earthy and spicy cupping profile, this brilliant Indonesian Java plays an integral role in shaping our Grand Cru blend.

Sourced from the Fairtrade and Organic Gayo Farmers Association (PPKGO), this specific coffee is grown in the mountainous Aceh region of Sumatra. The majority of the cooperative’s members are small-scale coffee farmers who carefully plant and naturally cultivate their crop under free-forming canopies.

In a region known for political conflict, the co-op has continued to produce, process, and export high quality Sumatran coffee. It has maintained relative peace and unity among an ethnically diverse membership comprised of Gayo, Javanese, Acehnese, Padang, and Batak peoples.

Twenty percent of PPKGO's members are women.


  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter: PPKGO
  • Growing Altitude: 1100-1500m
  • Growing Method: Shade grown
  • Processing Method: Hand-picked, semi-washed and sun-dried.


The Grand Cru has a good body, with noticeable notes of smoke, spice and nut which combines to create a delicious espresso and an ideal platform for you to create some truly spectacular lattes and flat whites.

Brewing Info

  • Ideal Brewing Temperature: 90-94 degrees

    Brewing Notes: If you wish to accentuate the blends floral, sweeter and fruitier notes, the we recommend pulling your shots shorter than normal. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the spiciness and nuttiness that wowed the Great Taste judges.

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