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Cafe Range

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  1. Super Crema Award Winning Coffee Beans
    Smooth, mellow and creamy Learn More

    From: £4.50 £4.50

  2. Supremo Espresso Coffee Beans
    Full in both body and flavour Learn More

    From: £9.75 £9.75

  3. Caffe Society Cappuccino Cleaner
    The essential cleaning fluid for bean to cup coffee machines Learn More
    £11.99 £9.99
  4. Caffe Society Traditional Cleaning Powder
    Cuts through built up coffee and residue in next to no time Learn More
    £11.99 £9.99
  5. Espresso Milanese Coffee Beans
    Dark roasted and full-bodied Learn More

    From: £12.00 £12.00

  6. Coffee Cleaning Tablets
    Cleaning tablets for all bean to cup coffee machines Learn More

    From: £15.00 £12.50

  7. Elly Bulk Brew Ground Coffee
    Pre-ground for bulk brew & cafetiere Learn More

    From: £13.50 £13.50

  8. Primo Coffee Beans
    Rich, dark and complex Learn More

    From: £13.50 £13.50

  9. Fairtrade Creme Supreme Coffee Beans
    Sweet, nutty and full bodied Learn More

    From: £13.50 £13.50

  10. Elly Coffee Beans
    A nutty full-bodied blend Learn More

    From: £13.50 £13.50

  11. Decaffeinated Coffee Beans
    Mild, balanced and decaf. Learn More

    From: £14.00 £14.00

  12. Caffe Society Original Hot Chocolate
    Made to our secret recipe
    Quantity: 1 x 2kg Learn More
    £14.49 £14.49
  13. Fairtrade Espresso Coffee Beans
    Subtle caramel notes Learn More

    From: £14.50 £14.50

  14. Colombian Single Origin Decaffeinated Espresso Grind 6 x 1kg
    Smooth, sweet, malty decaf with fruity notes Learn More

    From: £15.50 £15.50

  15. Fairtrade Organic Java Coffee Beans
    Hints of smoke and Asian spice Learn More

    From: £15.50 £15.50

  16. Decaffeinated Fairtrade Espresso One Shot Sachets
    Rich, dark and smooth
    Quantity: 100 x 7g Learn More
    £27.00 £27.00
  17. Caffe Society Traditional Red Hot Chocolate Sachets
    Dutch-style hot chocolate
    Quantity: 100 x 23g Learn More
    £27.50 £27.50
  18. Decaffeinated Cafetiere Sachets
    Rich, full with notes of fruit
    Quantity: 100 x 15g Learn More
    £33.00 £33.00
  19. Colombian Cafetiere Sachets
    Sweet, smooth and nutty
    Quantity: 100 x 15g Learn More
    £33.00 £33.00
  20. Roma Rich Blend Filter Coffee Sachets
    Full bodied, full of flavour
    Quantity: 50 x 50/75g Learn More

    From: £38.00 £38.00

  21. Italian Blend Filter Coffee Sachets
    A smooth Italian-style coffee
    Quantity: 50 x 50g Learn More
    £38.00 £38.00
  22. Colombian Decaffeinated Filter Coffee Sachets
    Bright fruit and subtle spices
    Quantity: 50 x 60/75g Learn More

    From: £45.00 £45.00

  23. Fairtrade Colombian Filter Coffee Sachets
    Sweet fruit and hints of spice
    Quantity: 50 x 60g Learn More
    £45.00 £45.00
  24. Super Crema Espresso Grind 24 x 250g
    Our best-selling coffee
    Quantity: 24 x 250g Learn More
    £90.00 £90.00

Cafe Range

Whether you are looking for fresh coffee beans, disposable takeaway paper cups or cleaning materials such as tablets and solutions; our Cafe Range of products contains everything that a coffee shop or cafe will need at a brilliant price point.

But, that’s not the best part. The more you spend on items within the Caffe Range, the more you can save off your order – up to a total of 20%. Because the range contains a whole array of products you can spread the cost of your order amongst numerous products.

So whether you want to buy your coffee in bulk or purchase a few bags of coffee, a stack of cups and lids, some Original Hot Chocolate and pack of cleaning tablets for you coffee machine, you can obtain everything you need and save even more money in the process.

If you spend over £195 then you’ll save 10%, a purchase of £599 or more will be discounted by 15% and any single order placed that is over £899 will automatically see 20% removed from its total. The more you spend, the more you are eligible to save.

Discounts/spends apply only to Cafe Range items at their web prices. All spend figures exclude VAT.