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Coffee Beans

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  1. Super Crema Award Winning Coffee Beans
    Smooth, mellow and creamy Learn More

    From: £4.50 £4.50

  2. Supremo Espresso Coffee Beans
    Full in both body and flavour Learn More

    From: £9.75 £9.75

  3. Elly Coffee Beans
    A nutty full-bodied blend Learn More

    From: £13.50 £13.50

  4. Primo Coffee Beans
    Rich, dark and complex Learn More

    From: £13.50 £13.50

  5. Espresso Milanese Coffee Beans
    Dark roasted and full-bodied Learn More

    From: £12.00 £12.00

  6. Fairtrade Espresso Coffee Beans
    Subtle caramel notes Learn More

    From: £14.50 £14.50

  7. Fairtrade Organic Java Coffee Beans
    Hints of smoke and Asian spice Learn More

    From: £15.50 £15.50

  8. Fairtrade Creme Supreme Coffee Beans
    Sweet, nutty and full bodied Learn More

    From: £13.50 £13.50

  9. Decaffeinated Coffee Beans
    Mild, balanced and decaf. Learn More

    From: £14.00 £14.00

  10. Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Beans
    A world famous blend that's imported direct from Italy Learn More

    From: £14.99 £14.99

  11. Bespoke Private Label Coffee
    Increase brand awareness with bespoke branded coffee Learn More
    Price available on request

Freshly Roasted Coffee

Hand-picked, carefully roasted and distinctively delicious.

The sourcing, blending and roasting process are all very important in creating a quality, consistent cup of coffee.

It's no good having a class-leading coffee machine if your beans are sub-par.

That's why we strive to get our hands on only the best fresh coffee available, which helps us produce some of the best blends on the market.

We're incredibly proud to say that we've even won a few awards over the years for our work.

Fresh Coffee Beans

Best of all, we offer all our fresh beans under our Cafe Range banner*. This range is designed to help coffee shops and cafes pick up regular supplies and save money in the process.

With our Cafe Range, you can save up to 20% on common coffee shop ingredients and accessories. These include beans, takeaway cups, hot chocolate, cleaning products and more.

We're proud of our product, and we're sure that you will be too, it's highly likely you've tried our fresh coffee in coffee shops up and down the country!

It's all about the blend

We are passionate about coffee, including the entire growing process. We understand the importance of finding just the right coffee bean, to help us create our distinctive and award-winning blends.

The origins of our arabica and robusta are just as important to us as it is to you, our customers. We select our coffee based on several key characteristics that provide the perfect mix of flavours and colours. Using this, we can create a truly distinctive taste that we believe you won't find anywhere else.

Each one of our signature blends contain beans from around the globe. As such we try our best to ensure that only the finest beans from these nations are selected.

You'll find beans from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia and Uganda. We are always trying to increase the availability and provenance of our superb selection of coffees.

Our desire to source beans from around the globe, means that our gourmet coffee contains some of the finest arabica and robusta coffee available.

Not content with sourcing and crafting our signature blend, we roast these blends in our coffee roastery. This helps us create the flavour profile that we consider our very own.

We understand how hard both roasting and blending are to master, they are two processes we are incredibly well practiced in.

Dedicated to freshness

The nature of product means that coffee beans do have an expiry date. Therefore, we need to be 100% certain that our coffee is fresh as it possibly can be by the time it reaches you. We get to work as soon as it arrives in our warehouse.

The fresh beans arrive green, and are roasted almost as soon as the arrive at our headquarters. We roast each variety individually to preserve the individual flavours held within each separate bean.

These freshly roasted beans are then left to cool before being quality tested. At this point test the quality and flavour profile before we mix into a blend according to our taste profiles before packaging and shipping.

Doing this is the best way to get the most flavoursome and fresh tasting coffee beans directly to you. Our coffee orders are fast!

We hope you love our coffee as much as we do, we can offer ground coffee if you're looking for pre-prepared and ready to brew beans. Genuinely we believe that we sell some of the very best coffee online.

Over 15 years of experience has seen our recipe for quality coffee develop, and we feel our Super Crema blend is perfect for just about any type of coffee, be that espressos, lattes, cappuccinos or even filter coffee.

What you do with these special beans once you receive them is up to you.

But why should you buy Caffe Society coffee? Find out more about how our coffee is produced, and we are sure you will be enticed by our practices and our products.

*Lavazza Super Crema and Bespoke fresh coffee orders are not included in our Cafe Range.

How to Store Fresh Beans

How we roast our coffee

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