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Coffee Syrup

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Coffee Syrup & Accessories

Let your imagination take control with the addition of coffee syrups from the experts in all things sweet – Sweetbird.

Instantly add new flavours to any hot or cold drink. These flavouring coffee syrups are an integral addition to almost any high-street coffee shop looking to diversify its menu.

Take a look at our range of Sweetbird coffee syrups and see how the flavour, colour and serving options can transform your menu. Open up a world of new coffee creations.

As the market of speciality drinks continues to grow, you'll need this range of coffee syrups ready to keep up with the hot drink industry trends.

Sweetbird has a variety of flavours available, including vegan and vegetarian friendly and free from artificial colourings and GMOs. It's no wonder why we chose Sweetbird as our sole coffee syrup provider.

The coffee syrup selection has been designed not just for coffee usage but for a whole host of applications.

Inject extra flavour into your hot drinks and create new avenues of income with signature tastes that are easy to replicate time and time again.

You'll find classic tastes such as chocolate, caramel, toffee, peanut butter, hazelnut and more in our specialist range.

We're incredibly confident that here is sure to be a flavour to suit anyone and every drink – and not just coffee! Our coffee syrup selection can be used in any number of ways, that even includes being added to other drinks or as a separate ingredient altogether!

Create new Flavours

The range of Sweetbird's coffee syrup range is growing, and it allows you to create unique drinks and flavours. This is especially important in todays highstreet, often housing various coffee shops and cafes that are competing for attention - make sure yours is the one that stands out from the crowd.

There's a coffee syrup flavour for everyone, whether you're a choco-holic, a fan of fruitiness or someone who just likes a classic caramel latte. Get inspired with our recipes!

Sugar Free Coffee Syrup

Removing the sugar but keeping the great taste, Sweetbird offers some flavours as sugar-free variants. Typically these syrups contain three calories per serving and completely devoid of sugar (and artificial colours)!

The possibilities are just about limitless, so don't just stop at the basic menu. Add a splash of colour and flavour with little to no risk and an incredibly low price.

To compliment our coffee syrup range, we've even got a few Sweetbird accessories. These include dispensers, pourers, drizzle bottles and stands.

We've doubled down on Sweetbird coffee syrup and we are sure you will too once you taste the entire range!

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